Thursday, May 7, 2009

Who Hates Who?

I've posted on the blog stories about the crazed slanders regarding Israel that are circulated in the Middle East and in countries like the UK (that play, remember?) often focussing on how Israelis allegedly teach their children to kill Arabs, hate Muslims, etc.

So a little reality. My nine-year-old son comes home today from school and remarks that it is Jerusalem Day. So, ask I, what did you learn? He begins as follows: "Jerusalem is holy to three religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity...."

That's what Israeli schools are teaching. Of course, they are teaching more about the historic and religious Jewish relationship to Jerusalem, but what's actually conveyed has nothing to do with the lies and mirror-imaging of the people who teach hatred and intolerance of others, not to mention incitement to murder them from leaders, schools, media, and religious services.

And one day (sarcasm alert!) I hope the UN organizes a conference to discourage such behavior.

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