Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Message to the Pope

A liberal Muslim reader writes:
          "This quote (chapter 3 verse 85) from the Quran is not accurate when taken out of context and totally distorts the message that is in the Quran. "Those who suffer disappointment" (not losers) are described in chapter 23 verse 103 and can be summarized as "those who fall short on good deeds and who do not surrender themselves to God". The verse defines surrendering yourself to God (Allah)as Islam and points out that in Islam, Christianity and Judaism, most people do not surrender themselves to God and therefore do not practice Islam and only a handful of people on earth practice Islam (as defined in the verse). It also suggests that Islam (as defined in the verse, making no distinction between the three religions) exists in all three of the Quran, the Bible and the Torah. Islam, in short, is surrendering one's self to God (Allah) regardless of his/her religion. It is incredible how the peaceful, all-inclusive message of the Quran is being distorted for evil purposes."

           Me: Glad you pointed this out. But the problem is that those currently doing the interpreting for the masses--as I know that you know--are giving this kind of view. Whether a distortion or an alternative reading, the lives of millions of people are going to be shaped by that dominant position.

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