Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Syria Allied with al-Qaida Against the United States? Might that be a Problem?

While the United States has been trying to engage Syria, the Syrian regime has been busily engaging Americans: in battle.

That’s indirectly of course but it is all part of Damascus’s never-ending battle against America.

What is spectacularly important—and should be a major crisis with energetic responses by the United States and European countries—is that the Syrians are smuggling al-Qaida terrorists into Iraq. This has been going on for years but when the Bush administration said so the media paid less attention. Now this is not only being confirmed by the Obama administration as happening but it’s increasing.

Let me repeat this: al-Qaida, which is the Enemy Number One for the United States, remember those people responsible for September 11, is working closely with the Syrian government to murder Americans.
Sounds like a matter for high-level concern, doesn’t it?

Although lower than in previous years, there are about 20 suicide bombers helped across the Syria-Iraq border by the Damascus government each month.

So Syria is in fact in a state of war with the United States allied with Usama bin Ladin. This is confirmed by President Barack Obama’s own Defense Department. That’s Syria, the country intervening to put a client government in power in Lebanon, allied with Iran, smuggling weapons to Hizballah, being investigated for political murders in Lebanon by an international tribunal, prime sponsor of Hamas.

This is also the country which the United States and Europe wants Israel to give the strategic Golan Heights in exchange for…well it’s not clear what it’s in exchange for. Perhaps Syria’s promise only to sponsor terrorism against Israel only two weeks a month and just from Lebanese territory.

I think President Obama has an enemy on his hands. What’s he going to do about it? And why are we subjected to a continuous barrage of articles in the media and in international affairs’ journals about how Syria is moderate or can easily be made so?

One theme is that Syria can be broken away from Iran. Well, this is constantly denied most persuasively in Syria, though somehow these statements don't make it into the American or European media. Here's one from an authoritative source:

“Syria believes it can have good ties with Iran and America, that it does not have to choose between one or the other,” said Marwan Kabalan, of the Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Damascus. “That is the official position here and I can’t see it changing significantly.

“There might be certain amendments to the relationship but I am sure Syria will not abandon the Iranians altogether. I don’t see what the Americans are providing as an alternative.

“Why would the Syrians break a strong historical relationship now?"

Why, indeed? Especially since they are getting away with it so nicely.

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