Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Political Musings: Who's the Real Enemy?

So let me get this straight. The current thinking in large sectors of today's sophisticated, intellectual, and opinion-maker thought in the United States [and West] is as follows:

1. Republicans [insert proper word for European countries] are evil people with whom you have nothing in common. They aren’t really for democracy and are culturally repressive. Many of them are scary religious fundamentalists.


2. The leaders of Iran, Syria, Hamas, Hizballah, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhoods, Cuba, Venezuela, and North Korea are basically reasonable, pragmatic people who you can work with.

Is that about right?

Do you see anything wrong--and even extremely dangerous--with that world view?

And I’m a registered Democrat myself.

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  1. Unfortunately, that is the world view now in the USA -- and I'm a Conservative!


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