Monday, May 11, 2009

American Public Opinion, Iran, and Iraq: The People, Yes!

By the way, President Barack Obama, as a good politician courting public favor, is also aware that both Congress and the American people love Israel. And it certainly isn’t due to the efforts of a large portion of the snob-style media and the effete elite.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll:

--Forty-nine percent of Americans say that if Israel attacks Iran’s nuclear installations the United States should help. In comparison, 37% believe America should do nothing, only 2% think it should help Iran’s regime (I have too many potential satirical lines to use regarding this last number—like are there really that many Middle East studies professors?—so I will refrain from remarking.)

Arguably, those who want the United States to do nothing are also arguing for a policy that objectively supports Israel.

Most remarkably of all, sixty-six percent of all voters believe that stopping Iran from getting nuclear arms is more important than preventing an Iran-Israel war.
Just 23% now say preventing war between Iran and Israel is more important than stopping Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

A summer 2008 survey said 78% of Americans believe Iran will soon get nuclear weapons and only 43% thought U.S. diplomacy could stop that from happening.

An earlier Rasmussen Reports survey concluded that while 45% thought it a good thing for the president to meet with Iran’s leader, 59% said this should only happen after Iran stops developing nuclear weapons.

In conclusion: most Americans think Iran is developing nuclear weapons, that it cannot be stopped by diplomatic efforts, that this situation is so dangerous that Israel is justified in attacking the Iranian regime’s installations, and if that were to happen the United States should either help Israel or do nothing to punish or oppose it.

Pro-Israel sentiment in polls on the Israel-Palestinian issue is equally strong.

Note: The title is a reference to the famous Carl Sandburg poem.

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