Thursday, April 23, 2009

When is the World Not Interested in a Tortured Palestinian and Other Non-Stories

Answer: When he isn't making the story up and when he was tortured by Libya. A Palestinian medical student who went to the Durban-2 conference to testify about his treatment in an attempt to make him falsely admit to having spread the AIDs virus, is shut up by a Libyan diplomat who chaired the committee preparing the conference (which wrote the report finding only Israel responsible for human rights' violations of all the world's countries) and was elected chair of the conference itself.

It's always nice when a government that runs the world's main conference against intolerance and hatred tortures innocent non-violent civilians and then uses their UN derived power to shut them up.

2. More than three months after the Palestinian Authority accused Hamas of murdering and maiming its supporters in the Gaza Strip--note it wasn't Israel but the Palestinian leadership that raised the accusation--it was finally reported by Human Rights Watch (which usually only has time to raise false accusations about Israel) and in The British newspaper Guardian and the International Herald Tribune.

According to the report 32 Palestinians were murdered by Hamas in cold blood and around 100 others had limbs broken for merely criticizing the Islamist group. The actual numbers might be triple those verified so far. No war crimes' charges are being filed, no massive demonstrations have been staged in Europe, and no Arab newspapers are demanding Hamas's de facto state in the Gaza Strip be dismantled.

It is probable that Hamas killed, tortured, and maimed more Palestinian civilians on purpose than Israel killed by accident during the Gaza operation it launched to defend its own citizens from Hamas's rockets, mortars, and cross-border attacks.

Oops! Human Rights Watch (which usually isn't watching when human rights are violated by anyone in the Middle East other than allegedly Israel) realized it had actually criticized Hamas so had to get back on target. Sure enough the New York Times--in an article blasting Israel's internal investigation of the Gaza operation, even though they have zero proof that anything untoward ever happened--quotes Human Rights Watch as calling the statement, "An insult to the civilians in Gaza who needlessly died.” That's a rather peculiar wording, isn't it? It sounds like the group is nobly offended. Try to find them expressing such personal concern over any other country.

Oh, and do let us know if you ever find any evidence. If you don't, maybe you'll apologize to Israel?

3. The Child and Family Care Center in Khan Younis, Gaza has been burned down by masked Palestinians. It was probably targeted because of Christian backing for the institution and because it received foreign aid money not controlled by Hamas.

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