Monday, April 27, 2009

Updated: Pirates Attack; BBC Leaves Out the Facts (Until Pressured by Us?)


Update: I checked the site originally and it wasn't mentioned it. And they have now added it. I noted an unusual number of London addresses coming on to the site. Is it possible that some BBC staffers read this (and other) accounts and made a change?

As I've noted before, media coverage in certain places is often so slanted against Israel that you want to laugh at the same time as being outraged. Here's a great example.

A group of pirates attacked an Italian cruise ship off Somalia's coast. The ship was saved by a self-defense effort led by Israeli guards it had on board who fought off the pirates. This story is covered in many places but when the BBC does so, it leaves out the "I" word. Musn't say anything nice about Israelis. Congratulations to the YidwithLid blog for spotting it.

This is the kind of thing I was talking about that separates reporting and analysis from propaganda. If some Iranians, Syrians, North Koreans, or Cubans ran into a burning building and saved some kids, who'd omit the fact of their nationality in an attempt to always portay these countries and people as "bad"?

Note: The Times did cover the Israeli guard aspect of the story.

I'm told that some Dutch newspapers also omitted the I word. I would appreciate details from anyone as to the names of the newspapers and the dates of publication.

A reader added: a comment on other newspapers.


  1. Several Dutch news-sites mentioned this affair as well. Similar to the BBC neither one mentioned that the guards were of Israeli origin!
    Not even those websites that can be categorized as "right wing".
    Ah well, when Eurabia has arrived, we'll be used to it...

  2. I just checked the BBC website and the Israelis ARE mentioned in it. See here:

    "The captain said the pirates fired some 200 shots at the vessel before being repelled by Israeli security guards. "

    You've been misled this time.

  3. The Algemeen Dagblad did indeed not mention the guards warding off the attack are Israelis, while posting a whole artikel about Israel not wanting to call the new flu "swine-flu" like everyone else.

    Anything to make Israel look bad and/or ridiculous, and nothing to make her look good.


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