Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Final Thought about the Durban-2 Meeting

It should again be stressed that every country in the world--except for the 10 boycotting altogether now--Israel, the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic--is now going to endorse the meeting's Final Resolution which basically advocates a twenty-first century Final Solution.*

As Western countries in many cases advocate or implement friendly contacts with openly genocidal forces--Iran, Hamas, Hizballah, and Muslim Brotherhoods--they have just condemned the existence of Israel, a democratic state, and justified its extinction. Maybe they don't think of it that way--in most cases they don't--but they have just provided the rationale for its destruction. After all, if it is so evil, "racist," and oppressive why should it be allowed to go on existing?

Of course, if we examine the "other side" we see dictatorships where women are often treated as chattel, children are indoctrinated to become direct murderers, repression is commonplace, antisemitism is systematically taught, whole groups are expelled or threatened with being wiped out, and the real goal actually is world--or at least regional--conquest.

As the conference condemns the criticism of religion, though only Islam seems to be protected, the people leading in this effort are daily slandering Judaism (and often Christianity) to an extent far beyond anything anyone of power or influence in the West has said about Islam.

If I were a cartoonist, here's how I'd do it:

Panel 1: A figure (labelled Iran-Hamas) is saying, "The Jews are racist and aggressive."

Panel 2: "And that's why they are inferior offspring of pigs and should be wiped off the face of the earth."

The "funny" thing is that this is quite accurate regarding their tactics for demonizing Israel and the Jews (panel 1) and their world view and strategy (panel 2). Of course, to do it right, Panel 1 would be in English and Panel 2 in Arabic so no Western readers would read beyond Panel 1.

Let us hope that this Durban-2 meeting is an exercise in hypocrisy. But seeing the "international community" largely turn into a lynch mob at the bidding of the political criminals is a very distasteful sight.

Oh, by the way, please note that this has come after Israel has pulled out of the Sinai penninsula, south Lebanon, the Gaza Strip, and large parts of the West Bank; offered to accept a Palestinian state with its capital in east Jerusalem; let the PLO come to govern the West Bank and Gaza Strip (including bringing 200,000 Palestinians with it); and provided or permitted the arming of its security forces.

Remember that the next time you hear someone say that more Israeli concessions will bring peace, its acceptance in the region, and a good image in the world.

* For readers who don't recognize this phrase, it was a euphemism the German government of the 1933-1945 period used for its policy of wiping out the Jews of Europe.


  1. Well, a "good image" is nice, but it's not everything. I was at a recent conference where one of the featured speakers declared, as though it was a decisive point, that Israel (and the United States, to the extent it supported Israel) was "out of step with the universal consensus." It's never comfortable being the only person in the room with whom everyone else disagrees, but it doesn't necessarily mean you are wrong.

  2. Given the state of much that goes on in the world being just about the only person in the room who disagrees with the "universal consensus" is a good thing. When America was founded the "universal consensus" was that democratic government would never work and that 90 percent of the population was unworthy of equal treatment. At many international conference within memory, the "universal consensus" was that the Soviet Union was a great place and either Communism or radical socialism were the only proper systems for a country to have.


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