Thursday, April 30, 2009

Important Note to All Bloggers Who Want to Use This Material

Please note that you are welcome to post quotes and extracts from the articles here, which are copyrighted, and link to material on this blog. However, please do not reprint entire articles unless you ask and receive written permission to do so..

Quotes and extracts can be used under the following conditions:

--It should be clear that the material originated on this blog (or if applicable and it should not be pretended that the material is original on your blog or site.

--A link should be prominently included with the specific article as appearing on this site (or if applicable on the site of The link should be located in  the title of the article as presented on your site or in the quoted material included. The link should be to the specific article in question on this site. (If you would also link to the blog as a whole that would be nice,)

--The title of the article cannot be changed by you. You can, of course, put on your own title if you are quoting short sections but of course that, too, should be linked and credited to me as author (or the colleague who is the author if that is applicable).

--Failure to comply with these conditions will be regarded as theft or plagiarism, depending on the circumstances.

Recently, a disreputable blog which had twice been asked previously to link properly persisted in pretending that they produced my articles. In addition, they changed the title of a recent article to something objectionable which stated the exact opposite of my beliefs. Despite the fact that the article clearly endorses the two-state solution as a principle and proper (though perhaps unattainable at this time) goal, the title implies that I want to reject such an outcome. The "editor" of this sleazy blog has refused to take down the article despite my request. Other blogs have innocently linked to this article thinking that it was "produced" by this unethical blog.

I ask you to respect the original work here and to help me enforce the conditions presented above which I believe are standard Internet etiquette.

If you would like to ask me to exchange links on the blog list please let me know.

Sincerely, Barry Rubin

Original material is copyrighted by the author, 2009.

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