Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ahmadinejad Speech, Toronto Globe & Mail quoting me

President sparks walkout at UN meeting

By Patrick Martin, Globe and Mail, Tuesday, April 21, 2009

JERUSALEM — Iran's outspoken president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, sent a UN conference on human rights into chaos Monday as he branded Israel a “cruel and repressive racist regime,” and described the Holocaust as a “pretext” for Jews to “render an entire nation [Palestinians] homeless.”

The remarks sent a collective shiver down the spine of Israelis as they prepared to mark Holocaust Memorial Day beginning at sundown Monday night….

“There's little doubt that [Mr. Ahmadinejad] expects his remarks to play well at home,” said Barry Rubin, director of [the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center. “And to stir things up” in Iran's neighboring Arab states.

Indeed, Iran's state TV last night showed images of some conference delegates cheering and other delegates leaving the conference as Mr. Ahmadinejad spoke….

But as for regional reaction, Mr. Rubin thinks the Iranian leader may have overestimated the appeal of his remarks. “Egypt and most other Arab states will see right through this speech and recognize it as a ploy to claim leadership in the Arab world.”

“With the exception of Syria, Sudan, Qatar and Yemen, Arab states oppose this guy.”

Just this past weekend, Egyptian media accused Iran of attempting to foster an uprising inside Egypt, by placing Hezbollah agents in the country….

Mr. Rubin warns that the Iranian President is betting that's exactly what the West will do.

“That's the Ahmadinejad wager,” he said.

“And look at the U.S.: They still say they want to talk with Tehran.”

“That's fine,” Mr. Rubin said, “as long as they realize it won't amount to anything – you can't sign an agreement with this guy. He's like Idi Amin or the Taliban.”

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  1. Congrats, Barry! I think I mentioned the other day the racist component of the Iran's regime's ideology is least susceptible to alteration by Western blandishments or engagement. The reason Obama will fail to end the Iranian regime's hostility towards America isn't because America didn't stretch out its hand far enough but because the essence of the Iranian regime's identity is its radicalism - not to mention its racist understanding of the Jews and Israel. That can no more change than a leopard can change it spots. Its one of those facts of life that won't result in the outcome every one else would like to see happen.


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