Sunday, January 16, 2011

News Flash: Tunisia Turkish Style?

By Barry Rubin

With the campaign starting for the coming, and very decisive, election in Turkey, fans of the famous  (Galatasaray football team chased Prime Minister Recep Erdogan out of the stadium with their boos. Ironically, the Islamist prime minister had helped build the new field.
Here's the video. Let's just say they aren't pleased.

 The announcer, well-known journalist Mehmet Ali Birand, is in shock at an unprecedented display of antagonism toward the regime that has been trying to fundamentally transform Turkey from its traditional status as a secular republic and reverse its long-time alliances with the West in favor of aligning with Iran, Syria, and revolutionary Islamist terrorist groups.

A symptom of what is coming in the next few months and an election throwing the incumbents out of office? Let's watch carefully what happens.

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