Friday, January 21, 2011

China: Helping or Not Helping Sanctions on Iran?

By Barry Rubin

It's always funny when your email brings you two conflicting stories right next to each other like this:

"Team Obama: China is acting responsibly on Iran, for real/The Cable/Josh Rogin":

"The common perception on Capitol Hill is that China is not doing its part to support the international community's drive to halt Iran's emerging nuclear program. Not so, two senior administration officials said on Wednesday, as they praised China's action on Iran in a conference call with reporters on President Hu Jintao's visit to Washington."

"China renews Iran crude deal with steady volume —Reuters":

"China has renewed crude import pacts with Iran for 2011 by keeping the total supply amount almost the same as last year at about 460,000 barrels per day, two industry sources with direct knowledge of the deals told Reuters."

So in other words, China is carrying on business as usual--and finish the deal while their president is in Washington!--but this is deemed by U.S. policymakers helping sanctions.


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