Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Study: Who Has the Jewish Problem: Huffington Post or Sarah Palin?

By Barry Rubin

An examination of the Huffington Post, a leading news site, and Sarah Palin for evidence of antisemitic associations. The results?

Two  people who belong to a group to which Palin also belongs (but have no direct connection with her) make antisemitic statements.

Scores of people who write articles on the Huffington Post--which is never criticized or examined by the mass media on this issue--do so.  None of them have been barred from writing because of these statements nor have they been answered by other authors for making these statements. And this doesn't take into account the anti-Jewish remarks seen often in the feedback remarks.

And here for a bonus here are some examples of other Huffington Post civility in which, for example, an author with serious mass media credentials--a former Washington Post sports' writer and Seinfeld co-producer--explains how President George W. Bush is worse than Hitler. And I'm not joking. Imagine if someone said the equivalent during the last two years. See also more on the Huffington Post here.

Calls for violence and examples of antisemitism come from both the left and the right. The difference is that the former are excused or ignored, the latter are highlighted and condemned. Let's document and criticize both sides when they say such things.

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