Monday, October 3, 2011

Shocking But Not Surprising

By Barry Rubin

A study of New York Times columns and op-eds for September finds that 14 are anti-Israel and 1 is friendly. Remember the days when newspapers carefully balanced their editorials, columns, and op-eds? That's over. Remember the days when the mass media slanted their coverage but kept the two sides in enough proportion so they could claim to be fair? That's over, too.  There's no pretense any more yet millions of readers still think they are getting accurate and fair material.

Meanwhile, the former head of Pakistan's intelligence service gives a shocking interview (translated by MEMRI) making it clear that despite lavish U.S aid and Obama charisma, he and his colleagues  see the United States as their enemy and align themselves with radical Islamist forces. The goal of the U.S. policy is to turn Afghanistan over to India. Remember, this isn't just some man on the street or random journalist but a powerful lieutenant general who had access to all of his country's intelligence. And naturally he is unapologetic for the safe haven given Usama bin Ladin. This is a U.S. ally?


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