Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Iran Terror Plot Crisis: Big Trouble for Obama

By Barry Rubin

Remember that Hillary Clinton ad about it being the early morning hours and the phone’s ringing in the White House? Well it’s arrived in real life and the phone is—or isn’t—going to be answered by Barack Obama. And the question is: What are you going to do about the dramatic announcement of an Iranian plot to attack targets in Washington DC?

True, it’s a bizarre story about Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Mexican drug lords. But, after all, the United States was impelled a step toward entering World War One by the Zimmerman Note in which German agents sought to entice Mexico to go to war against the United States.

 Vice-President Joe Biden has said there's going to be a really serious U.S. government response. The Saudis, who are famous for keeping a low profile and trying to avoid problems—often through money—are openly livid. They’re basically saying something along the lines of, “We told you so.” They tried and gave up.

 Is This Story True?...
Might this blow up in the Obama’s Administration’s face?....
What Will the Administration Do about it?

 The response is fraught with peril. The immediate reaction—we’ll mobilize world opinion!—makes the administration look buffoonish. If this is true it is an act of war by Iran, at least by elements in the Iranian government (you know, the kind of people who could one day give nuclear weapons to terrorists).

 Response A: Do Nothing....
 Response B: The “Sunni Strategy”...
 Response C: A United Front against Revolutionary Islamism....

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