Monday, July 11, 2011

Why Liberals and Democrats Should Oppose Obama's Policies

By Barry Rubin

How ironic that liberals and Democrats who have no difficulty believing that islam has been hijacked by extremists have no notion that they have been hijacked by the far left.

A coalition of 1960s' New Leftists and what used to be called the party's McGovernite wing has taken over using a brilliant strategy of propaganda and dissimulation. Ah, for the relatively good old days of Bill Clinton, a man who for all his multiple faults, understood that he had to govern somewhere from within sight of the political center.

Why is it that while liberals/Democrats constantly claim the Republican Party has been taken over by its far right wing, many conservatives/Republicans constantly claim that Obama is a typical liberal/Democrat? Why don't more critics of the current policies say instead that the Democratic Party has been taken over by its far left wing and no longer represents the world view of mainstream Democratic voters and leaders of the past?

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