Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Federal Bureaucracy Is A White Elephant, Not A Sacred Cow

By Barry Rubin

As a native-born Washingtonian (Columbia Hospital for Women) whose family arrived in the city when President Theodore Roosevelt was in office, I note an omission in all the budget/economic debate that amazes me.

It is scarcely a secret in Washington that Federal government employees generally don't work real hard. Sure, that's what people will say when they're interviewed in the mass media or the propaganda coming from the Federal employees unions. But people in the nation's capital know that isn't true. There is massive over-staffing, make-work, and totally unnecessary spending. People justify themselves because they run "projects" and enforce regulations. But most of these projects don't actually achieve anything while many of the
regulations either bring no change for the better or actually make things worse.

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