Friday, June 24, 2011

The Scene of the Crime: I Accidentally Stumble Into A Hotbed of Educational Indoctrination

By Barry Rubin

My son took a computer design course in a summer camp that was held in an Anglican private high school in the wealthiest Washington suburb. Today was the last day, when students demonstrated the games they’d designed. So I went for the presentations by the kids. As I sat in the classroom, usually used by the school for teaching history, I was shocked but not surprised.

Remember, this was a completely random classroom in a random private school that I saw simply because a computer class was being held there during the summer. So what did I see?

You can't make this stuff up. Indeed, it was like something the Washington Post would insist that Ann Coulter made up probably a few minutes from where its editors are living! Don't miss this inventory of what's in a private school history classroom.

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