Friday, June 3, 2011

CNN Poll Shows Highest Support for Israel; Lowest for Palestinians in History

By Barry Rubin

According to a new CNN Poll Americans sympathize more with Israelis than Palestinians by 67 to 16%. Sympathy with Israel is up from 60% in 2009. While 65% says the U.S. should not take either side in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, 35% say the U.S. should take Israel's side while just 1% favors backing the Palestinians.

I read the second question as people's desire not to become directly involved or their understanding that as would-be mediator should appear to be balanced. This shows how Obama policy is totally unrepresentative of American views.

What proportion of the public debate is taken up by that one percent? Say, 30 percent of the mass media and 80 percent of views publicly expressed by faculty and students on campus?

But in the battle between the President Barack Obama, much of the mass media, and the overwhelming majority of campus activists and professors VERSUS reality, reality seems to be winning.

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