Monday, March 7, 2011

Antisemitism Is Now Almost Routine In Many Fashionable European Circles

By Barry Rubin

From the most fashionable circles and down to the street level, from Hollywood stars to British universities to famous fashion designers antisemitism is becoming fashionable around the world. This is being fueled by the constant stream of hate-Israel material, most of it coming from the left including Jewish leftists who simply refuse to understand the effect of their lies on (non-Jewish) people's view of Jews and Israel.

Yet for every incident you hear about there are dozens you don't. Here's one example from the Netherlands.

NRC Next is a highly prestigious newspaper for the Dutch elite, aimed at a youthful, well-educated audience. It focuses on news analysis and opinion. The chief editor, Rob Wijnberg, who is only 29 years old, views himself as a philosophical type of chap.

So what does a clever, hip, intellectual chief editor write for a clever, intellectual, hip, highly educated and deeply cultured audience about President Barack Obama's apparent flip-flops on policy toward Egypt?

You don't read Dutch? Ok here's the translation:

"Barack Obama (not) president of the United States but really spokesman of the Jewish lobby, had already emphasized that he still considers Egypt as one of the most prominent, (not) allies but really oil routes, as well as one of the most important partners in the (not) war on terror but really protection of Israel."

In other words, his refusal to get rid of Egyptian President Husni Mubarak fast enough (hard to believe it could have been faster!) was due to Obama's being a stooge of the Jews, the tool of Israel, and a man concerned only with oil. And that's not from Saudi Arabia or al-Qaida but from Holland, and not from skinheads but from the left-leaning beautiful people set.

Well, this kind of thing was equally disgusting when used against President George W. Bush, but to portray even Obama in this light--and in the Western European circles that supposedly love him is remarkable. Despite Obama's strenuous efforts, anti-Americanism still flourishes and antisemitism seems to grow steadily.

The supposedly enlightened often prove to be the greatest bigots, a factor enhanced by the fact that their counterparts often don't even criticize them for it.

But the same thing--different style--happens on the street level. When spiritual leaders of the three monotheistic faiths went for a walk in Amsterdam, recently, they are confronted by young men who shout "cancer-Jews" and make the Hitler-salute. The item begins at the 12-minute mark after the commercial.

On the other hand, the Dutch parliament supported Israel as a Jewish state and rejected a unilateral Palestinian declaration of independence.

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