Saturday, August 15, 2009

What you can do/How you can help

Thanks for coming to my blog and reading it. I hope you are pleased and that's what I'm hearing from people. If you do like one or more articles or the blog in general, here's what you can do:

1. Feel free to send the url or text to friends or to your list. But please do include proper credit and the link. (Yes, people sometimes do take my name off as author and put on their own.)

2. If you possess a site or blog please feel free to reprint as long as you include proper credit and a link. You can also quote passage under the same conditions.

3. Subscribe so you get all the articles and make me feel good that there are more readers.

4. Consider making a tax-free charitable donation to the Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center which I head. We'll tell you how to do it. We could do a lot of good things with surprisingly small amounts of funds. Others spend their time fund-raising or sitting in their office. We spend our time--as you can see--doing original research and writing. I'd be happy to discuss potential projects with people or tell them more about what we are doing, plan to do, and would like to do. Go to or write me directly.

5. Read and subscribe to MERIA Journal and our GLORIA articles at

6. Buy some of our books here or at the GLORIA Center site

7. Write and say how much you like the articles posted here. If you hate them you needn't bother as I already know you're out there [Smile]

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