Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jordan Slaps Obama and Clinton Only Hours After Saudis Do So: Is There A Pattern Here?

Jordan's government has now publicly stated it opposes any confidence-building measures with Israel. This is still another humiliation for the administration following the similar Saudi declaration.

Look, we know they don't want to make any steps for peace but if they respected the Obama administration, were so happy to have it in power, or feared it might ever do something to them for dissing it they would NOT go public on this, especially only days after the administration made clear this new "even-handed" approach.

In fact, like the Saudis, the Jordanian foreign minister bashed the whole U.S. policy of confidence-building while visiting Washington and standing next to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. In diplomatic terms, it was sort of the equivalent of pouring gasoline over her and setting Clinton on fire.

Note that Clinton's speech downplayed leadership in exchange for "partnership," how can the United States ignore two of its most important Arab allies?

Administration officials smiled and insisted all was just fine.

In fact, this is the consequence of signalling Arab states that:

--The U.S. government was distancing itself from Israel, thus unintentionally inviting Arab regimes to push harder against Israel and raise their demands higher.

--The U.S. government wanted popularity above all, desperately courting Arabs and Muslims, and  avoiding any friction, thus unintentionally signalling: ignore what we ask, demand that we give more concessions.

Saying we're down on Israel, we aren't tough, and we beg you to like us is like putting a big "kick me" sign in the appropriate place.

More kicks will be coming soon.

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