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Remembering Prof. Barry Rubin

Learning from Barry Rubin, A Lifelong Teacher
By Lee Smith

This morning Tablet reviewed Nazis, Islamists, and the Making of the Modern Middle East, a new book by Barry Rubin and Wolfgang G. Schwanitz. Although it’s a challenging and critical take, it’s also, I’d argue, precisely the sort of engagement with his work that Barry most relished, a real debate, an argument with ideas, history, and the future and real lives at stake. Sadly, Barry is not around to partake in it. He died last night at the age of 64 after an 18-month struggle with cancer…

A Privilege to Work With
By Efraim Cohen

I was devastated when I learned of Barry Rubin’s untimely passing.

During my time as cultural attaché at the American embassy, I was privileged to work with Barry on a number of projects for worldwide dissemination. In the process of our work, we often discussed where Israel and the Middle East were headed. I felt as if I was learning at the “feet of the master.”

I would ask him a question, he would close his eyes in contemplation, and then he would hold forth on his visions of the future. Invariably, his insights and predictions proved to be accurate – though other people might not come to the same conclusions until months later…

Institute Expresses Condolences on Passing of Dr. Barry Rubin
By the Washington Institute

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy expresses its deepest condolences to the family of our friend and former colleague Dr. Barry Rubin on his passing yesterday at age sixty-four of cancer.

"Barry was a brilliant scholar who was passionately committed to the pursuit of truth," says Dr. Robert Satloff, the Institute's executive director. "He brought this determination to his fight against cancer. His death is a loss to the broader community of Middle East scholars…"

R.I.P Barry Rubin
By Dennis Mitzner

Barry Rubin was one of a few thinkers who could intuitively connect the dots of a variety of political and social events both in the West and in the Middle East and arrive at an insightful and fascinating theory. But theorizing aside, more often than not, he was right. Rubin’s vast knowledge of the Middle East coupled with razor-sharp incisiveness was a potent combination,  unmatched by most of his contemporaries…

R.I.P.: Remembrances of My Friend Barry Rubin
By Ron Radosh

The loss of a friend comes hard to all of us, and Barry Rubin was a friend, whom I always knew was there to discuss the issues that were of mutual concern to us. PJM readers know him well as our Middle East editor, a man who traveled the world and wrote candidly and frankly about the hard truths others always seems to avoid...

Friends and Colleagues Mourn Barry Rubin, Middle East Scholar and Defender of Israel
By Sharona Shwartz

Conservative writers and Middle East analysts are posting moving tributes over the loss of one of their colleagues, Barry Rubin, who died Monday after a battle with cancer. He was 64.
Rubin, a prolific and intrepid Middle East scholar based in Tel Aviv, was a widely followed expert who published his analyses several times a week and wrote or edited 40 books, some of which he made available online for free after his diagnosis 17 months ago…

Barry Rubin 1950-2014
By Elder of Zion

Barry Rubin, a true scholar and wonderful man, passed away this morning after a battle with cancer. He was 64.

Barry was a staunch defender of Israel. His writings were accurate, clear and powerful. He didn't mince words.

Rubin was also the director of the GLORIA Center in Israel. Last year, I believe after his diagnosis, Rubin did the unthinkable - he placed 13 of his books on the website of the GLORIA Center to be freely downloaded…

On the Passing of Our Friend, Barry Rubin
By Brian of London

This morning a tremendous man and a true lover of Israel passed away. I counted Professor Barry Rubin as a personal friend and he was always a great fan of Israellycool and the audio show, Shire Network News, I used to host.

I first met Barry Rubin virtually through cyberspace. He was the serious interview subject on the largely satirical audio show I helped put together. He appeared on the show and was, himself, a big fan of our mix of frank discussion and humour. He said we were funny and that made all of us working on the show proud…

Barry Rubin: Conscience of the White City

By Roger L. Simon

I first knew Barry Rubin by his work. He wrote more cogently of the Middle East than almost anyone alive, maybe than anyone alive in the English language.

Some years ago, taking a flyer, I found his email and invited him to write for what was then a media company known as Pajamas, not PJ Media.  How lucky we were that he said yes and accepted a position as one of our columnists and our Middle East editor.  For the intervening years, this site became one of the most important places, one of the “go-to” stops, for the crisis in that part of the world that itself never stops…

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Farewell Barry
By Efraim Inbar

Prof. Barry Rubin, a dear friend and colleague, passed away on Monday after a battle with cancer. He was far too young.

Everybody interested in the field of contemporary Middle East studies knew of Barry Rubin. He was an incredibly prolific writer with a remarkably comprehensive understanding of this region. He authored at least 40 books, published by the most reputable publication houses, such as Cambridge, Yale and Harvard. I recall watching him type at lightning speed and could not believe my eyes. He had the whole text in his head and smoothly transformed it into an article or book without hesitation.Barry wrote about a variety of subjects and themes. His endless curiosity led him to write about everything from espionage in the Middle East during World War II (the unforgettable Istanbul Intrigues), American policies toward the Middle East, the history of the PLO, a biography of Arafat...

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