Sunday, April 21, 2013

Boston Bombers' Motive: Don't Tell Me, Let me Guess

Boston Marathon bombing investigation turns to motive

Thus reads the headline on Yahoo here

The lead of this Reuters story: 

"With the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings lying seriously wounded in a hospital and unable to speak on Saturday, investigators worked to determine a motive and whether the ethnic Chechen brothers accused of the attack acted alone." 

In the article, which spends seven paragraphs discussing the parents claim that the two brothers were framed, the word "Islam" is not mentioned, except to say that they once lived in one predominantly Muslim country and another place they lived,  Dagestan,  is "a southern Russian province that lies at the heart of a violent Islamist insurgency."

Actually, a mass of the bomber's twitter, You-Tube, and other messages are already available showing that his  motive was....Well, I'll let you research it for yourselves.

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