Monday, July 23, 2012

Our Foreign Correspondent Covers the Revolution

Note the following is satire, even though it is just about precisely what actually happens:  
A man stands in a square, somewhere in the Middle East, screaming slogans: “Jihad is the only way! Down with America! Death to Israel!” An American reporter approaches.
“Excuse me, sir, but I’m an American journalist and wonder if I might ask you some questions.”
“Sharia is the only…Oh, sure, just a moment.” The man clears his throat, “Long live democracy! Up with human rights!” He turns to the reporter, “Hi, my American friend. Have a nice day! What do you think of the Red Sox’s chances? Of course, they could use more depth in the bull pen!”
“I wanted to ask you what you think of America.”
“America? Very nice place. I might like to live there some day if I’m sent on a mission. We love Americans. We just don’t like their policies. They support Israel. They support our local dictator. If only they would change their ways we could be good friends.” He reaches into his pocket, “Have a sunflower seed!”

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