Tuesday, June 5, 2012

NEW FEATURE: The Adventures of Globama-man: A Superhero is Inaugurated!

Yes, it's the long-awaited launching of my new comic strip: Globama-man. 

Is it a traditional Democrat? Is it a moderate liberal? Is it a pro-American president? No! It’s Globama-man!  In fighting the current battle for truth, justice, and the American way, clear-eyed, hardheaded, sharp-chinned logical analysis is insufficient in itself. Satire is a necessary weapon in a world that seems to have turned into a bizarre parody of reality. Hence, the creation of Globama-man, a super (anti-) hero for us all. We will present the exciting adventures of Globama-man as he battles against the forces of good allegedly for the common good. We hope you enjoy this new feature–meant to be all in good clean, low-fat fun, written by Barry Rubin and illustrated by the highly talented Judah Rosenthal, exclusively for Rubin Reports on PJ Media!

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