Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Two-Volume Set, A Guide to the Midde East

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The Middle East
A Guide to Politics, Economics,
Society, and Culture
Two-Volume Set
Barry Rubin, Editor  

The Middle East remains an area of surpassing interest and importance in global affairs today, resulting in a constant flow of media attention and in-depth academic scrutiny. Unfortunately, this has lead to many misperceptions about the area, its people, and their ways of life.

This unique two-volume set helps clarify the region's complex history and ongoing problems----and corrects some of the misperceptions----by exploring these seven significant issues: culture, religion, women, economics, governance, and media, as well as the role that the region's modern history has played in shaping the ways of life, values, and worldviews of its peoples. 
December 2011 · ISBN 978-0-7656-8094-5 · Hardcover, Two Volumes · 704 pages · Bibliography, Index.
List Price: $299.00  Pre-Publication Price: $249.00  (discount expires 01/15/12)

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