Monday, September 5, 2011

Libya Begins to Fall Apart

Dr. Waldman: "This creature of yours should be kept under guard. Mark my words. He will prove dangerous."
Dr. Henry Frankenstein: Dangerous! Poor old Waldman. Have you never wanted to do anything that was dangerous?....
Dr. Waldman: You're young, my friend. Your success [and Nobel Peace Prize?--BR] has intoxicated you. Wake up and look facts in the face! Here we have a fiend whose brain...
Dr. Henry Frankenstein: "The brain must be given time to develop. It's a perfectly good brain, doctor. You ought to know. It came from your own laboratory."
Dr. Waldman (shocked): "You used the brain in my laboratory! But you've mistakenly implanted a criminal brain in this creature." --"Frankenstein" (1931)

By Barry Rubin

Sound familiar?

“I am afraid of the Islamic groups. On the front lines there are a lot of them, they are jihadists, dangerous, militant in their beliefs and they want to rule. The Islamists say they made this revolution. They didn't. We made it, these young men made it."

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