Wednesday, August 10, 2011

This Is What Democracy Looks Like?: Hating America and Rejecting Peace with Israel Portrayed as Virtuous

Wow! The New York Times tells us that by rejecting peace with Israel the Arab revolts PROVE they are moderate!
Mubarak was a sell-out to Zionism and imperialism!
And continuing to fight the Arab-Israeli conflict will bring stable democracy!

Meanwhile, nobody notices or understands that this is not reporting but propaganda pushing the Islamist and radical nationalist program.

By Barry Rubin

It’s fascinating to see not only the Middle East going backward but Western analysts and officials cheering on a return to even more war and terrorism. A good example is, “In Tumult, New Hope for Palestinian Cause,”by Anthony Shadid and David D. Kirkpatrick in the New York Times.

Let’s take one sentence at a time and see what it tells us:

“In all the tumult of the Arab revolts, one of the most striking manifestations of change is a rejuvenated embrace of the Palestinian cause.”

Wasn’t it a few weeks ago that the alleged lack of obsession with the Arab-Israeli conflict was a sign of progress toward moderation and democracy? Now we are told the exact opposite! And nobody in the mass media even notes that this is a contradiction!

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