Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Western Media Insanity on the Middle East: The Silver Lining in Gaza!

By Barry Rubin

Story 1: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says that Egypt is losing control of the Sinai Penninsula where there are a lot of terrorists who can go into the Gaza Strip and attack Israel or stage cross-border attacks.

Story 2: Arab newspaper reports an estimated 400 al-Qaida terrorists in the Sinai.

Story 3: Egypt opens border to Gaza Strip so money, terrorists, and weapons can flow in freely.

Bottom line: Western media (in part due to an individual Israeli's personal analysis of situation) says that there's a "silver lining." Egypt, not Israel is now responsible for the Gaza Strip.

But wait! The Israeli in question made that remark one year ago, that is, when President Husni Mubarak was in power! The reader would think that he said it after the Egyptian revolution.

That's like taking a remark someone made when the shah ruled Iran and then quoting it as suggesting that the Islamist revolution had a silver lining for Israel! 

Coming in future weeks, no doubt:

Silver lining in Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt;

Silver lining in Islamist election victory in Turkey;

Silver lining in Iran getting nuclear weapons.

Isn't that great?

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