Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Important Announcement: Rubin Reports Moves to PajamasMedia

Dear friends:

I want to inform you of an important change in my writing activities. I have been invited by PajamasMedia--one of the world’s largest sites, with an estimated readership of one million people—to become one of a very few featured columnists for them. Everything I do for them will appear on my own page at Pajamas. The blog there will be called Rubin Reports.

I hope to be working more with Pajamas television and will also post links of any appearance there.

The Rubin Reports site will continue at with a list of every article I write on Pajamas with the title, a link to Pajamas, and a brief description. Articles I write elsewhere—including the Jerusalem Post—will be on the http://www.gloria-center/ site, again with a link there from Rubin Reports.

So if you have a subscription to Rubin Reports you will get a daily digest with links to the Pajamas-based blog or to the GLORIA site. It will be a convenient way to follow my work. The Twitter announcement will also continue. I hope you will keep your subscriptions as this will be an easy way to see my writing.

If you have questions or suggestions I'm happy to hear them and you're always welcome to write me at

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