Friday, February 4, 2011

Turkey's Government: Cheer Egypt’s Demonstrations; Suppress Those At Home

n By Barry Rubin

Labor unions marched to protest the reduction of workers’ rights in Ankara. The government declared the demonstration illegal, gassed demonstrators, and police attacked the demonstrators. Opposition members of parliament were among those injured.

This event came one day after the government spokesman said, of Egypt, that governments must listen to the people. Since 2007, the stealth-Islamist AKP government has banned anti-government protests and broken up those that attempted to demonstrate.

And here's Prime Minister Erdogan's "Marie Antoinette" moment the next day after another labor demonstration:

“They have no right to hold such a demonstration. The lowest-level civil servants of [northern Cyprus] receive a monthly salary of close to 10,000 Turkish Liras. My undersecretary gets roughly 5,000 liras. The gentlemen are protesting without shame.”


Turkish-language coverage

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