Friday, October 29, 2010

Turkish Regime Declares: Israel Is The Only Country It Views As A Threat

By Barry Rubin

Only hours ago I wrote about the Turkish regime's decision, in its official main strategy document, to drop revolutionary Islamism or Iran as threats--because they are now its allies--in the main NSC document. It was only a matter of time, I added, before they declared Israel or even the United States as threats.

It turns out that the document does in fact define Israel as the only country threatening Turkey, saying it does so by causing instability in the region and might lead countries to engage in an arms race. No, according to the regime, Iran doesn't cause instability in the region nor, by seeking nuclear weapons, is it possibly leading toward an arms race.

So is this regime in Turkey, as it also violates the sanctions on Iran and subverts other American policies, still a U.S. ally? Getting this Islamist regime out of power, through the electoral process, should be a major priority of U.S. strategy. Not doing so helps this anti-American government stay in power.

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