Sunday, July 25, 2010

Believe It Or Not: Terrorists Found Guilty, Victims Actually Defended!

By Barry Rubin

A U.S. court in Puerto Rico has just awarded $378 million to relatives there of people killed in the 1972 terrorist attack on Israel’s airport. I was the chief witness at the trial on the connections between the Japanese Red Army, which carried out the attack, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), and North Korea, the state sponsor. You can read more about the case here and here, as well as the judge's full decision here.

Attacks like this continue to this day, sponsored by Iran, Syria, and other states, as well as groups like Hamas, Hizballah, and even Fatah still. One wonders whether they will have their day in court, too, and be subjected once again to the isolation and contempt that they deserve. The present moment is featuring large amounts of sympathy for the perpetrators, diplomatic engagement, and constantly criticizing their victims.

Even now, the British prime minister is in Washington trying to explain how one of the Libyan murderers of scores of Americans and others in the Lockerbie plane bombing was released on “compassionate” grounds on the claim that he was dying, only to make a “miraculous” recovery on reaching Libya. Remarkably, this release coincided with a big oil deal between Libya and a British company called BP.

Western intellectuals and experts are clamoring for engagement with Hamas and Hizballah even though the blood is not even dried on their hands. At the UN, the sponsors of terrorism and their friends have far more power than their targets. And attacks are carried out with more cleverness in an era of profound credulity. So Hamas can start a war and use civilians as human shields in order to reap political as well as military benefits, while the Turkish regime organizes a theatrical jihad attack in which even video tape of the event showing the militants' aggressive violence is not considered proof by many for what actually happened.

Such anarchy in wonderland world cannot long endure.

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