Monday, June 14, 2010


Regarding the article, “New York Times Needs My Help to Find Flotilla Planners' Terrorist Ties: OK! Here's A Start for Their Research,” Mr. Mete Çubukçu has informed me that he did not say that he believed the Turkish organization IHH had links to terrorist organizations and that this is in fact not his view.

I regret any inconvenience.

If you reprinted this article on your site please remove his name and change the text to the following.

--The German Television One show concluding that IHH is linked to international terrorism. Note also the presence of BPP cadre working with IHH, a party which left-wing German groups--including the one that participated in the flotilla--described as violent and neo-Nazi. Mete Çubukçu, editor in chief of the NTV television network, said that the IHH is linked to the radical Islamist Millis Gorus group.

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