Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Direction of Europe: Netherlands: Opposition to Holocaust Education; UK: Voting Trends

The Dutch magazine Elsevier has published on its website its findings on the current teaching about the Holocaust in the Netherlands. Of the  high school history teachers surveyed in the four largest cities, twenty percent say they have encountered hostility, mainly from Muslim students, which made conducting the lesson difficult or even impossible. The magazine also noted that this problem was made public as early as 2003 but nothing has been done.

In the run-up to the United Kingdom parliamentary elections, Islamic organizations have been trying to organize a bloc vote to support anti-Israel candidates, with a strategy of gaining influence in the small Liberal Democratic party which may hold the balance of power in forming a government. However, close election observers discount this strategy saying that in the last election it only affected one or two seats. Islamists do not control the "Muslim vote" to the extent they claim.

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