Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NY Times: Last Week Explains How Iran Getting the Bomb is Good for America; This Week Explains How the Qadhafi Regime is Good for Libya

By Barry Rubin

Nowadays, nothing is too ridiculous to say about the Middle East, especially in the New York Times. Following up running an op-ed explaining how Iran getting nuclear weapons would be good for the United States (the scariest part is that the author works for the U.S. Air Force) the once-great newspaper of broken record now gives us a long article about how great the Libyan regime and son-of-Qadhafi are. Here you can see the pattern that prevails elsewhere: taking for granted as truth the lies that dictatorial regimes and radical movements tell while endlessly explaining that just about everyone in the world except Usama bin Ladin is a moderate.

Clearly, the newspaper has learned nothing from its coverage--which at the time won a Pulitzer but is now viewed as shameful--of all the wonderful features of the Stalinist regime in the USSR during the 1930s.

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