Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How to Order Military Equipment from Iran, Not a Joke

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By Barry Rubin

Want to start an Islamist revolution? Looking for a good weapons' supplier in Iran? Look no further as you can go to their arms' sales site, Really, this isn't a joke. They're advertising their line of arms. "Professionalism is our Career," is the company motto.

Yes, it's Iran's Defense Industries Organization. The site explains:

"WE have more than eight decades of industrial experiences in the field of manufacturing and supply of various types of defense products and employing 20000 specialized personnel. So this organization is a leading and innovative part of country’s industry and has a comprehensive role as an industrial main pole and motive engine for a portion of industrial and software production of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

You can see their promotional video also but I can't get the page on their chemical weapons to work.

I presume, however, you don't get the Hamas/Hiballah/Iraqi insurgent discount. But good news, they do take credit cards.

It looks as if the site hasn't completely escaped the notice of others as part of it has been hacked, by anti-regime Iranians?

At any rate, we can only look forward to the section on Weapons of Mass Destruction coming soon.

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