Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Book: Barry Rubin, Guide to Islamist Movements

I'm proud to announce the publication of a new book:

Guide to Islamist Movements by Barry Rubin (Editor)

Published by M.E. Sharpe, list price is $249 BUT it’s available from Amazon for only $168.07 with free shipping (and even gift-wrapping--no kidding, Amazon will do it--for those doing your holiday shopping early!)

Seriously, though, this was a very special project. We commissioned 55 people around the world to write about Islamist groups—their leadership, ideology, and activities—in that many different countries. The result turned out very well and is the most serious analytical and factual presentation on political Islam in operation.

You should consider ordering the book for your university or organization and I’m happy to respond to inquiries with more information

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